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Miracle II SpecialsMiracle II goods are a manufactured trade-secret, proprietary plant-derived mineral mix. MIRACLE II SOAP products contain no animal products nor do they have harmful chemicals.

Is a chemical free soap very important? Is an organic natural soap any better?  Therefore, does it matter what we put on our skin? Is it possible some soaps harm the skin?

Have you noticed that some soaps tend to irritate or rash the skin? What about soaps with toxic ingredients are they trans-dermal? Is trans dermal a term or way to describe a drug or a chemical that transmits through the skin?

Answers to the above questions are likely “YES”! Therefore, what we rub on our skin really matters. Most importantly, this describes why many skin disorders disappear after people switch to Miracle II Soap.

Clayton Tedeton’s liquid Miracle Soap recipe was the end result of a spiritual event that took place in the early eighties. Therefore, the formula was divinely inspired. Besides the ingredients are natural, the soap is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and notably gentle on the skin. Read more

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