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What about organic natural soaps? Is a chemical free soap really that important?

Why is it best to use chemical free natural soaps? Does it actually matter what we put on our skin? Is it possible some soaps are harmful to the skin? Have you noticed that some soaps tend to irritate or cause a rash to the skin? What about soaps with toxic ingredients are they trans-dermal? Would trans dermal describe something, especially a drug or a chemical that can be introduced into the body through the skin.

The answer to all the above questions is YES, what we rub on the skin really matters. Therefore, this may explain why so many people say their skin disorders disappear soon after they switch to Miracle Soap. Liquid Miracle II Soap was the outcome of an event that took place back in the early eighties; it is something that deserves attention. Most of all the formula was divinely inspired; the ingredients are natural, the soap is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. Read more

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