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Safe Water Filters & Treatment

RapidPure is an abbreviated word to say their filters are fast flowing and completely pure. RapidPure sells the safest water purifier for campers, hikers and travelers. Rapid pure ultralight filters are the best water filter for emergencies. Traditional water filters only reduce the amount of bacteria and protozoa. They still need chemical treatment or UV light to control viruses.

Rapid pure activated carbon greatly improves taste. While an infusion of silver kills trapped pathogens and prevents bacteria growth. Rapid pure is what we call a safe water filter. It exceeds the EPA standards for virus, bacteria and protozoa protection.

RapidPure is the fastest gravity feed system available. It is two to three times faster than its competitor.

EASY Drinking and NO Squeezing Required!

Tests show when you do the same thing and use the same source of water Rapid Pure filters flow faster. They capture more contaminants per use and often last longer than their competitors.

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