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Sock Locks, Sock Clips and Sock Holders Loc a Soc Together.

Clip’em – Wash – Dry – Wear’em

Our Laundry sock organizers will save the laundry lady oodles of time, precious money and ease the frustration of lost and missing socks. Sock Locks

How do you know when to use a single, a double or settle for an assortment of sock rings?

Single sock locking rings were intended for thinner socks while the doubles were designed for thicker fabric. In simpler terms it’s better to have an assortment so you have a little of both.

In a desperate situation, single rings can also be used to clip thicker socks together; however, it will not be as secure given that you can’t slide the ring all the way up the sock. In most cases it works just fine, but it requires more effort to install the sock rings.

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