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KI03 – 2 Pack 170mg Tablet, 60 Tablets


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KI03 2 Pack

Why should you have KI03 on hand before a nuclear event?

Kio3 needs to be readily available so you can put it in your system before you are exposed to radiation – to be the most beneficial. If you don’t have KI03, potassium Iodate or KI at the time of a “nuclear event” it may be too late.

KI03 fills the thyroid with “good iodine” which blocks the bad radioactive iodine and keeps it from entering the thyroid gland. When the bad Iodine 131-I gets into the thyroid gland cancer is likely to crop up. This is the reason why governments sometimes distribute KI or KIO3 to people that live very close to nuclear plants.

Is there anything that could be used to neutralize radiation?

Liquid Manna® RAD D-TOX Radiation Detox Neutralizing Remedy

Chuck Fenwick, Director of Medical Corps said this…
“The FDA has never expressed serious concerns about KIO3. They have never removed KIO3 from any shelves or stores. Our purity, safety etc is regulated by the FDA by law.

In 2002 the FDA asked Medical Corps to consider coming to Bethesda to have KIO3 put on the Orange List or Orange Book so that Medical Corps could fill government contracts. We did consider and then declined. We do plenty of business without selling to the government. As a manufacturer of both KI and KIO3, we are rightly considered experts in both kinds of thyroid blockers.

As a maker of KI and KIO3 I can assure you that (Potassium Iodate) is used by most all of the nations of the world because of its superior uptake, longer shelf-life, heat resistance and it’s not being hygroscopic (it won’t absorb water like KI). The UK stocks about 30 million tablets and that includes Ireland and Scotland. China, Australia and Canada use KIO3 as well. India asked for a quote on multiple millions of tablets. All these countries do not stock, use or recommend KI. Other than America, no country has ever asked us to make KI for them.”

“As a manufacturer of both KI and KIO3 I would like to point out that KIo3 is FDA approved and inspected. All of the ingredients are FDA approved and inspected as is the facility where it is made. Even the tableting machines and mixers are registered with the FDA and the DEA.” Chuck Fenwick, Director, Medical Corps

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