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Last Days TimeLine by James T Prout

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Last Days Timeline – a relationship to scriptural prophecy, an LDS perspective, timely warnings of protection for your family as the timeline of future prophecy comes to pass.

Biblical prophecies of the Second Coming, Last Days, End Times & current events. Mark of the Beast, Gathering of Israel, New World Order, the return of Christ, World War II and the Antichrist.
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LDS Author – Last Days Timeline – End Days Timeline

What is The Last Days Timeline books primary purpose?

  • This book demonstrates with precision what the future holds using the scriptures themselves. NOT DREAMS, NOT VISIONS and NOT EXTRACURRICULAR PROPHECIES. Ranging from next week – to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • This book was written in several segments. It was not written to be a novel or to be read from front to back. It is more of a resource of all available material and prophecy on the subject of “The Last Days Biblical Prophecies”.
  • Written so you’ll know how to prepare your family physically and spiritually for the events directly ahead.
  • Last days Timeline end times events in prophecy will focus on the: Who, What, Where, When, Why and sometimes How. For a timeline to be CONCISE, we must focus most on What, Where and When or …What happens, When does it happen, and Where does it happen. The Who, Why, and How, will be addressed in the Appendices. This will include much of the identification of the symbolism. Remember, we are focused on a timeline in this work.
  • This is a “living work”. This is a book to keep on your shelf for the rest of your life. Refer to it often as a reference. Share it with your friends!
  • The thought occurred…Why read another book about the last days?First, this book offers some new insight on the events and timeline of our Lords return.  Second and most unique of all are the insights into Ezra’s Eagle, a forgotten vision of the ancient Prophet Ezra, who saw a great last-days bird with differing feathers.  In this book James provides high-quality evidence to show that the bird is a clear representation of the United States of America, and its feathers are symbols for this nation’s presidents, including one feather potentially tied to President Donald Trump. Third, the book gives a solid overview of Daniel’s four beasts, the nations they represent, and the emergence of the last, fourth beast, a composite beast of America and other nations of the coming global government.
  • If you do not know the EXACT Events of the LAST DAYS in THEIR SPECIFIC ORDER ACCORDING to SCRIPTURES this book is for you. 
  • Prophecies of the Second Coming & current events in Biblical truth

“What do the Scriptures Say about Donald J. Trump? How Long Will His Term Last?” 

Will Donald J. Trump Become a “Short Term Feather”? Do the scriptures say he won’t last long while in office? Read this book and get the answers for yourself!

329 well written pages of researched truth.

An LDS view of the Apocrypha, Ezra’s Eagle the great last days bird and the US presidents.

The Apocrypha is where Ezra’s Eagle is recorded. It is located in 2nd Esdras chapters 11 and 12.

What is Ezra’s Eagle as it relates to the United States of America? This is the starting point for answering these questions.

Author James T. Prout a dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints he served a mission to the people of the Australia Brisbane Mission and found great success with them. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a Biomedical Science degree with a minor in chemistry.

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1 review for Last Days TimeLine by James T Prout

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    B Vance

    Nice book very well done.

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