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Spray Nozzle Tip 9377D


9377D – Spray Nozzle Tip for Whisper Premium Diffuser
Contents: 1 spray nozzle tip. (Square Outer Cover and Circular Inner Windshield Cover not included.)

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Do you want a new spray nozzle tip for your Whisper diffuser? This is it! It’s the round, clear plastic piece that fits on top of the square cover and controls the direction of mist.

What’s Included: Only a spray nozzle tip. (Outer Square Cover and Inner Circular Windshield Cover not included.)

Square Cover and Nozzle tips:

Carefully align the tip in the square cover, and then leave it in place. To change direction of the mist, lift off the entire square cover rather than turn the nozzle. Some thick or sticky essential oils can collect between the nozzle and base, and turning the nozzle thereafter may cause it to crack.

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in


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