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Wrist Strap AOK-0508A


Wrist Strap – Wristband for AOK-0508A, AOK Ion Cell Cleanse, Alimtox Rejuvenix and AOK ION Balance Detox Cleanse Foot Massager.

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Ion Cell Cleanse Accessories – Array and Wrist strap

Wrist Wrap accessory for the AOK Ion Cell Cleanse (Model AOK-0508A). This will work on Alimtox Rejuvenix Ion cell cleanse,  and AOK Ion Balance Detox and other models unfortunately we don’t have a reference guide to tell us for sure what else it fits.

Why use the wrist strap/wristband?

The Wrist Strap – Wristband promotes the circulation of ions throughout the body while having an ion cell cleanse detox session. It is also a safety measure against electrocution and helps alleviate the tickling sensation of the feet while you’re in the foot spa.

How long do Arrays last?

Arrays last about 40 sessions beyond that they may not be very useful. For hygiene purposes it is best to have one array per person.


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 3 x 2 in


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