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EOS DNA Water Ionizer

$2,995.00 $2,395.00

EOS DNA Water Ionizer Components:
* Outfitted with the most advanced SMPS electrical system
* 16 stage dual filter system
* Most advanced platinized titanium patented slotted plates
* Large touch screen with an operating manual programmed into it
* Language, time, pH, and ORP with customizable function
* Micom system to intelligently adjust the ionization of your tap water
* Super powerful ionization feature

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This is easily the most advanced countertop water ionizer ever made and the newest technology produced by EOS. EOS state of the art DNA technology produces the highest quality ionized water. It is “water ionization” redesigned to perfection with an intelligent automated ionization, more power, better filtration and more antioxidants.

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 12 in


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