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PRI-G-32 oz 2 Pack

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PRI-G 32 oz Two Pack Special

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Add 1 oz. of PRI-G Fuel Stabilizer to 16 Gallons of Fuel

Designed for 2 & 4 stroke engines

Bottle Size Fuel Treated
8 Ounces 20 gallons
16 Ounces 256 Gallons
32 Ounces 512 Gallons
1 Gallon 2,000 Gallons


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the use of PRI-G void manufacturer’s warranty? No
PRI-G complies with the fuel specification of all engine manufacturers. PRI-G has been extensively tested on gasoline and Diesel engines by GENERAC, a major manufacturer of gasoline engines. PRI is a GENERAC approved fuel treatment and does not alter fuel in any harmful way. In fact, PRI-G greatly enhances fuel stability, improves performance and reduced emissions.

What if my engine manufacturer does not recommend the use of fuel additives! Why?
Thousands of fuel additives are offered on the market, engine manufacturers have no way of monitoring or testing so many products – making it difficult to determine specific product use. PRI chemistry does not alter any fuel specifications issued by engine manufacturers, a specification used to judge whether or not a particular fuel affects safe engine operation.

Does PRI-G get rid of water from fuel?
PRI-G only absorbs a small amount of condensation and will not absorb a large amount of water. It is better to remove water by either draining the tank or by using a special water separation filter.

What if I have really old fuel – will PRI-G make it better?
PRI-G will restore even the most degraded fuels to reusable condition – provided the stored fuel is not contaminated with metals or foreign chemistry incompatible with refined fuel. PRI-G does not restore the fuel to its original color.

How long will PRI-G keep fuel fresh?

Fuel freshness depends on the initial quality of fuel. PRI will keep fuel fresh for at least one full year after initial treatment. Fuel can stay fresh for years with a periodic treatment. A periodic retreatment is recommended every 9-10 months.

What is the shelf life for PRI-G & PRI-D once the products container is opened?

PRI-G/PRI-D has a shelf life of 3 years after the products container is opened. If you’re concerned about not being able to use the entire product before it expires – buy smaller containers! PRI was said to remain fresh and stable longer than its competitor STA-BIL.

Is a double or triple dose of PRI recommended for really tough fuel?
PRI is totally effective at the recommended dosage.

What if I accidentally over treat will extra PRI-G hurt anything?

No, it will waste money. Constant overtreatment should be avoided PRI was not meant to be a fuel substitute.

I understand that PRI-G prevents carbon build-up. Will it remove old carbon from engine components?

PRI-G only removes the newer formed, soft carbon and does not remove hard carbon deposits. PRI will remove deposits from injector tips.

Will removing hard carbon deposits harm older engines?
It is never wise to use chemicals that remove hard carbon deposits from older engines. Hard carbons tend to fill in worn areas like upper rings and valve seats. The removal of aged hard carbon deposits can result in poor component tolerances; causing piston slap, poor valve seating, and other problems.

Will PRI-G get rid of tank sludge?

Yes, PRI-G will eliminate tank sludge when the product is consistently used. Dependent upon the degree of sludge contamination complete sludge removal may take a few days or a few months. For extra-heavy tank sludge, we recommend a proper tank cleaning, followed with a treatment of PRI to prohibit future sludge formation.

If PRI fuel treatment is so effective, why don’t refiners put it into their fuel before it goes to the pump?
Refiners do put some fuel additives in fuel, but not enough to make it last forever; they use as little as possible to keep the cost down. It’s not their business to store fuel; they make it, treat it lightly and sell it.

The best long term fuel storage – fuel savor solution is up to you. If you want to extend the life of your fuel we recommend “PRI” the best fuel additive, best gasoline stabilizer and best fuel treatment ever.

We have much cleaner gasoline today. Why use an additive every tank fill up?
Fuels are less stable today because the refineries switched over to faster process as compared to less efficient “straight-run” a process used years ago.

Consequently, today’s fuels deteriorate faster – resulting in excessive carbon build-up in your engine. Given the time it takes for fuel to be consumed after refining, it is wise to refresh fuel every tank fill up with PRI-G to ensure maximum combustion and performance.

Is it cost efficient to use PRI-G every fill up?
Yes, because the use of PRI-G supports more efficient fuel combustion and better fuel economy. The ability of PRI-G to prevent carbon deposits actually extends engine life since untreated fuels accelerate carbon deposits, abrasions and wear. Given that the above is true, the best fuel additive will more than pay the cost of added fuel treatment.

Is it okay to mix PRI-G with other additives?
PRI-G is a multifunctional product designed to overcome all fuel issues its effectiveness will not be determined by other additives. There is no reason to use additional additives when PRI-G allow does the job.

Why won’t PRI-G boost the octane rating of gasoline?
It’s because Power Research, Inc uses a safer, more effective method to improve power and performance.

How do I add PRI-G to my tank?
Put stabilizer for gas in tank just prior to fill up. Simply estimate the amount of fuel to be added and treat the tank based upon the number of gallons untreated. If you put PRI-G into the tank, drive to the closest pump and immediately add fuel. If your tank is almost empty we recommend adding treatment at the gas station just prior to fill up.

Will PRI-G coat engine parts like oil treatments do?
No, it doesn’t contain sticky solid materials that coat engine parts.

Is all gasoline essentially the same thing?
No, Gasoline quality varies considerably day-to-day depending on crude supplies and processing controls implemented at refineries.

What if, you have a high mileage engine and you’re not getting better performance with PRI-G?
PRI-G is not a “fix all” and will not replace worn rings, cylinder liners, or worn out injectors. PRI-G is recommended for older equipment in that it will keep fuel tanks and fuel delivery systems cleaner, minimizing problems.

I have well over 100,000 miles on my engine. Is it too late to use PRI-G to prevent wear?
No, it’s not too late; PRI-G can add years to “old aged” engines by simply stopping excessive wear due to carbon build-up.

Is PRI-G good for the two-stroke engines, such as marine outboards, lawnmowers, jet skis, snowmobiles and motor bikes etc?
Two-stroke carbureted engines are “above all” wasteful of fuel and prone to produce heavy carbon. It is better to prevent carbon build-up and encourage complete combustion than it is to run harsh solvents through the engine to “blow-out” carbon. PRI-G is also excellent for EFI systems and the latest direct injection systems.

Will PRI-G do anything for vapor locking problems?
Yes, many PRI-G people report they no longer have vapor lock issues.

Is PRI-G compatible with oxygenated fuels that contain MTBE or ETBE additives?
PRI-G is compatible – improved combustion helps provide better fuel economy when oxygenated fuels are the only choice.

Are oxygenated fuels a good or bad choice?
Some have criticized the benefit of oxygenated fuel additives “ethanol in particular” claiming the net benefit is way overstated.

What would make the 8 oz PRI-G a better choice?
PRI-G (8 oz) is the best choice for treating 20 gallons or less; considering the shelve life starts immediately after the bottle is opened.

Is your LAWN MOWER – TILLER – WEED EATER or EDGER ready for winter storage?

PRI-G is an excellent additive for winterizing our motorized friends “small engines” and yard tools. What can be done to keep the fuel fresh in the lawn mower, tiller, weed eater, chain saw or any other gas powered yard tool? Adding the appropriate mixture of PRI-G fuel stabilizer concentrate keeps the fuel fresh and stable for the initial SPRING TIME start up. Rotten fuel has a tendency to trick people into thinking their motor needs another tune up when really all that was needed was a smart winterization – a squirt of PRI fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh. Fuel deterioration is the leading cause of dysfunctional fuel injectors, carburetors and fuel filters, therefore it is the leading cause of blocked ports and sticky mechanisms.

PRI-G in the 8 ounce size
PRI-G in an 8 oz. bottle for treating smaller engines – it’s not only for smaller engines… it should really be called “PRI-G for treating small amounts of fuel”. This size bottle treats up to 20 gallons of gas and can be used in lawn and yard equipment, snowmobiles, automobiles, generators and etc. It makes life a lot easier for someone who wants to treat a smaller amount of gas a one time say, a gallon or two, up to 20 gallons at a time. This size bottle is also great for someone who wants to try before buying a larger quantity, a sample or test size bottle you might say.

PRI-G is good insurance against premature engine failures and costly repairs. The PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer is available in our 8 oz. size. The mixture is one-half ounce of PRI-G for every 2.5 gallons of fuel or one-half ounce for every 4.7 liters of fuel. It may also be used at double strength to restore old, stale gasoline.

What is the shelf life for PRI-G & PRI-D once the container is opened?
PRI-G/PRI-D has a shelf life of 3 years after the container is opened. If you’re concerned about not being able to use the entire product before it expires buy smaller containers! PRI is said remain fresh and stable longer than its competitor STA-BIL.

And don’t forget to properly treat your winter engines prior to storage – such as the snow blower, snow thrower, snow mobiles, etc …. The 8 oz. bottle is just right for this use.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 8 x 10 in


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