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Moisturizing Soap 22 oz


Prayer – Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water – Ash of Dedecyl solution – Dehydrabiethylamine – Calcium – Potassium – Magnesium – Foaming Agent: Coconut Extract – Cold pressed Avocado – Almond – Olive and Coconut Oils – Vitamin E. Biodegradable – Naturally Concentrated.

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Miracle II Moisturizing Soap is close to the same soap as the regular Miracle II Soap but has a natural moisturizer added to prevent dry skin. This soap is made particularly for bathing the body and shampooing hair.

Miracle II Soap is the only body cleanser that will clean the entire sweaty, waxy residue from the pores of the face, body and scalp. When this happens the body works the way God made it, to detoxify itself.

To have a healthier body and mind, you must change what you use to bathe and wash with. Get away from animal fat, alcohol, and petroleum bar soap products. Another added benefit is that your shower walls and tub stay much cleaner. When you use Miracle II products you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Moisturizing Soap is a blend of three of the Miracle II Products, the Soap, Neutralizer, and the skin moisturizing lotion. Miracle 2 Moisturizing Soap is the perfect foundation for any skin and hair regimen. Miracle2 Moisturizing Soap gently cleanses the impurities and toxins from the skin and hair. The soaps special moisturizer contains no synthetic oils, no animal fats or preservatives to clog the pores and no deep acting surfactants that strip the skin and hair of the beneficial natural oils within.

Shake Well Before Using to Blend Moisturizer and Soap. An 8 oz bullet bottle with a lotion pump is an excellent way to dispense soap given that oils tend to settle near the top. If you forget to shake the bottle the pump draws off the bottom and won’t suddenly strip away the oils. If you happen to suddenly pour the oil/lotion off the top, you can always add more Miracle II Skin Moisturizer (lotion) into the bottle of soap. Normally there are about 2 ounces of lotion in a 22 ounce bottle of soap.

This Moisturizing Soap is more commonly used for bathing and shampooing for people with normal to dry skin. For oily skin, you may prefer to use regular Miracle Soap without moisturizing lotion. Since the Miracle soaps are very concentrated, you may use any amount you wish, bearing in mind no need to be wasteful.

Moisturizing Soap Usage Instructions:
With 1-2 drops of Miracle Soap scrub your body with a Loofah Bath and Shower Sponge. A body Luffa Scrubber will isolate the soap and give you one of the most satisfying showers.

Add 1 oz of Miracle II Moisturizer Soap and 1 oz of Miracle II Neutralizer to a tub of water; soak for ½ hr to 1 hr. Use a drop or two of Soap to scrub hair. Be sure to shower off when you’re done soaking. When you get out you’ll notice how clean you feel and the color of water will show how well your body detoxified.

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