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Free Foam Bottle 2 Miracle Soap

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Free Foam Bottle and 2 Miracle Soap –  This deal includes one regular miracle soap and one moisturizing soap. Both soaps are natural, unscented with no harmful ingredients.

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FREE Foam Bottle with 2 Miracle Soap

This special includes (1) Miracle soap 22 oz and (1) Miracle II Moisturizing Soap 22 oz.

This foam bottle is an efficient way to dispense diluted Miracle Soap. The foam pump is one method how to make your own foam soap.  A foam pump bottle is the way how to save soap and a means how to make soap last longer. For this foam pump to operate Miracle II soap has to be watered down. This free foam bottle will make a wonderful soap dispenser for a sink or a shower.

Among many other uses people love to use either soap as a bath soap, shampoo, face soap or hand cleaner. The best way to scrub the body in the shower is with a wet luffa spunge and a drop of miraclesoap. Diluted foam soap is also a good way to lather down.

Miracleiisoap is made from the finest natural ingredients and the soaps have no harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Finally we encourage everyone to try the Free Foam Bottle 2 Miracle Soap.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 10 in


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