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Miracle II Neutralizer Powder

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Why Miracle II Neutralizer Powder? What is it? Neutralizing powder weighs less, it stores better, costs less and its cheaper to ship. It’s an organic mineral substance that encourages pH balance and acid neutrality. A Miracle II Neutralizer powder packet is equal to a gallon of regular strength liquid Neutralizer.

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Miracle II Neutralizer powder is the least expensive most convenient way to store Miracle two Neutralizer. It’s easy to make and use?

The Miracle II Neutralizer Powder is a better shipping choice and it works just as well as premixed liquid. Powder compared to 10 lbs of liquid reduces weight and size.

Simply mix the powder with a gallon of natural spring water and create your own Miracle II Neutralizer. With powder you can mix a little or a lot. For a stronger solution just add more powder or use less water. Some people add Neutralizer Powder to a gallon of regular strength Neutralizer to double or triple its strength.

Neutralizer liquid available in multiple strengths and sizes

Pearl Liquid Manna What is it? Stabilized highly oxygenated Manna Water

Additional information

Weight .85 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 2 in


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