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Miracle II 5 Pack

$95.75 $62.75

Miracle II Starter Sample Pack – Pro-Pack 5 Miracle II products

  • 1-RS-22oz > Regular Soap
  • 1-MS-22oz > Moisturizing Soap
  • 1-N-22oz > Neutralizer
  • 1-NG-8oz > Neutralizer Gel
  • 1-ML-8oz > Moisturizing Lotion
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Miracle II 5 Pack – Miracle II 5 product sample pack starter Kit

When you stop and think about the fact these products are the outcome of a “Miracle”, it’s possible you’ll feel the charge of eloptic energy contained in each product! These soaps and neutralizers are energized with eloptic energy which means they are put through an arc of electricity and a light source to give them a charge. Clayton Tedeton repeatedly claimed his products were divinely inspired now available in a Miracle II 5 pack . See Clayton Tedeton Story personal testimonial about Miracle II products.

To begin with; it is important to note what makes the Miracle Soaps so different, the Moisturizing soap has the oils where as the regular Miracle Soap does not. The oils were added to aid people with dryer skin and either soap can be used for bathing; which one you use depends on the dryness and sensitivity of your skin.

The Moist Soap has cold pressed avocado, almond, olive and coconut oils, as well as Vitamin E to help moisturize the skin.

In order to gain a testimony of these products try adding 1 oz Miracle II Neutralizer and 1 oz Moisturizing Soap to your bath water, it makes a very relaxing bubble bath. Soak for at least 1/2 hour and end with a quick shower to remove soap residue.

The very first time I soaked in miracle 2 bath water I came out feeling so clean I thought the wind was blowing through my skin. Eventually you’ll learn as I did some bars of soap have animals fats that clog the pores of your skin! The negative charge found in Miracle II can open the pores and detoxify the body’s skin.

The Neutralizer Liquid and the Neutralizer Gel have labels that say they are mild sudless soaps and it may be true, but they do not have a noticeable soapy taste nor do they have much in the way of soap suds.

The regular soap and or the Neutralizer both do a great job cleaning glass or glasses, some people like to spray their body, face and plants with Neutralizer. Men love to use the Gel as a hair jelly while the women like to spray the Neutralizer liquid on their hair in between washings and restyling.

The first thing we grab in the event of a sunburn, an itch, a bite, a bump or bruise is the Gel it rubs nicely into the skin and your guess is as good as mine what it will do.

You know what to do with the Moisturizing Lotion some people like to mix the Gel and the Lotion together to get a better combination.

It’s important to note natural health seekers really love “Miracle II” products. Miracle II 5 Pack provides the opportunity to sample 5 divinely inspired products.

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