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Miracle II 7 Pack

$159.00 $121.01

Miracle II 7 Pack provides an opportunity to sample all 7 Miracle II products.

SKU: 1-RS-22/1-MS-22/1-N-22/1-NG-8/1-ML-8/LB/M2DS Category: Product ID: 2317


Miracle II 7 Pack Saves $33.00

Miracle II Promo Pack 7 includes the following Miracle 2 Products:

  • 1 Regular Soap
  • 1 Moisturizing Soap
  • 1 Neutralizer
  • 1 Neutralizer Gel
  • 1 Moisturizing Lotion
  • 1 Laundry Ball
  • 1 Miracle 2 Deodorant Stone

Clayton Tedeton the founder of Miracle II in the early 1980’s claimed he had a divine inspiration to formulate Miracle iI products. Ever since then thousands of satisfied customers have discovered miraculous uses for each product.

We invite you to try Miracle II 7 pack so you’ll have a fair chance to experience the goodness of each product.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 10 in


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