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Trail Blazer 6.5″ Filtration Kit 5.0L min


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Trail Blazer 6.5 Filtration Kit

6.5” Trail Blazer Bucket Water Filtering Kit Includes…

  1.  Trail Blazer Ultra light 5.0L minute Filter, 6.5″ in length (300-6.5)
  2.  2 gallon pre-drilled buckets with tear off lids
  3.  3/4” Spigot

To your advantage, we propose having a five gallon pail with a gamma lid; it is a great storage device for this Trail Blazer 6.5 Filtration Kit filter system. We recommend two 2 gallon buckets listed because they easily fit inside a 5 gallon pail. The 5 gallon bucket also provides more space for cups, hand towels, soap and other water related items.  Furthermore, in a time of need you can use the spare bucket to retrieve, carry and store dirty unfiltered water.

Trail Blazer Utraceram water filters are readily noted for being some of the best filters on the market. The flow rate for a Rapidpure filter is remarkable, but just like any other reliable filter they can plug up over time, nevertheless they are designed for cleaning ability.

It’s important to note really good filters tend to plug up faster when there’s sediment. If anyone ever says one brand of filter plugs faster than the other, be careful how you interpret it. It means the filter is doing a better job filtering the sediment and it’s not the sign of a crappy filter.

To lengthen the life of an emergency water filter this is what we recommend doing after retrieving water from a dirty source; such as a lake, a river, a spring and etc. Fill a bucket or a container with water then let it sit for as long as it takes to settle the sediment, afterwards take the clear water off the top and filter it.

If you are particular about extending the life of a filter take a small piece of cloth and wrap it around the filter element. Secure it with a rubber band or a light string. A filtering cloth will filter out larger particles so the filtering element does have to do all the work.

Installation Instructions for setting up RapidPure Trail Blazer drip bucket system.

For extended use or long term emergencies we recommend having extra filters.

Here you can buy more 6.5″ Ultraceram Trail Blazer Filters.

Trail Blazer 6.5 Filtration Kit

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 12 in


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